Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trout Lake Flashback: Redemption of the Purple Chubby

I'm not back at the lake yet, but I plan to get there this week. This is another flashback to a previously-unposted trip taken before the fires started. This was August 6, a good evening to be at the lake.

It was a perfect evening, warm and calm. There was no one around--all the campgrounds were deserted. I hadn't fished the south end for awhile, so that's where I launched.

Fish were up here and there. So I fished a muddler here and there and caught some fish. Still strong and healthy.

Then I had an inspiration. Why not try the Purple Chubby? It had failed me at the Teton; maybe it would redeem itself here.

I cast it up against the bank and had an immediate take: one of the biggest rainbows of the season.

I worked down the shoreline a few yards. I dropped the chubby in with a splat and had another instantaneous take. Another fine rainbow.

It seemed that the trout of Trout Lake would fall for anything. Or that the Purple Chubby was made to order for this particular stillwater. I kept it on for the rest of the evening and continued to find enthusiastic takers.

It was very nice: a perfect evening on my homewaters overlaid with pleasant memories of the Teton.

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