Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Total Lunar Eclipse of the Full Super Harvest Hunter's Blood Moon

I drove up onto the flats to get a view of the Harvest Moon well before it would crest the ridge at our house.

It was peaceful. Cattle grazed and the yips of coyotes echoed in the still spaces.

Two respectable bucks came out of the aspens--four-by's. "Four-by" is short for "four-by-four" or, as they would say in the east, an eight-point. They reminded me that the other name for this full moon is the Hunter's Moon.

The recent fires that scarred this area seemed like a distant dream.

The sun went down...

...and the moon came up. It was already eclipsed as it cleared the tree line. As it rose ever higher into the darkening sky it took on substance and became a vibrant blood moon.

Later, as the earth's shadow slid away, the light of the Super Moon burst into full brilliance.

It was a lovely show.

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