Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Don't Be Late for the End of the World

From the folks at Chi Wulff, who keep a sharp eye on the Montana/Yellowstone/Wyoming Golden Triangle:

New Hydrothermal Vent in the Shoshone Probably Doesn’t Mean the World’s Ending

YNP20apr2Amazing what a new hydrothermal feature, in one of the most geologically active regions on the planet, can invoke among folks these days.
A new vent opened in the bed of the Shoshone back on March 25th near Cody, damned unusual though apparently not unprecedented; it’s all over alternative and social media these days and wasreported in the Billings Gazette here on the 11th; screen cut of the article to the left.
As interesting as the concept may be, and despite the breathless ‘end of the world’ reporting covering the phenomena, our money is on the caldera NOT blowing in the next few weeks. (Try a web search for ‘shoshone river boiling’ if you need some Chicken-Little-oriented entertainment…)

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