Monday, April 4, 2016

Fly Tying: A Delivery of Pheasant Tails

I recently ran out of my supply of pheasant tails. I loved those tails. They came from a pheasant I shot years ago, so each time I used them I revisited that crisp Fall day, the explosion of birds out of cover, and the sight of drifting feathers backlit by the sun as the rooster plummeted out of the sky.

When I went into the local fly shop to get some more they were all out of natural pheasant tail. I bought some dark brown as a stopgap, planning to check back sometime to see if a shipment of natural had come in.

Not necessary. A supply was delivered practically to my door. I found a fresh roadkill rooster yesterday and threw it in the pickup and brought it home.

I harvested some nice tails and a bag of rump feathers as well. Not as romantic as a wing shot, but convenient. And the price was right.

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