Thursday, December 2, 2010

Basketball Report: A Loss and a Win Streak

Some in the past have expressed a wish that I would post less about family. My family, especially the sisters, have expressed a wish that I would post more about family. I try to achieve a balance.
It would be nice if I could regularly post about fishing with my sons and daughter, but Lidia and Jeremiah are the fishers, so that would leave Isaiah out. And, of course, there's no fishing with anybody at the moment.
But this blog is about all the perfect moments in life, and right now for the boys--and for me--those moments are happening on the basketball court. So, more game reports.
I like to think that I am making a valuable contribution to their development as athletes with these videos. Both boys wait impatiently for me to upload their videos on game night. Jeremiah pores over them, and once in awhile will say something that tells me he's learning from watching his play. Same with Isaiah, except he'll find the video he likes best, like the court-length pass he made in last night's game, and watch it over and over.

The Seventh Graders lost yet again, but I think they're all feeling much better about their play, and are having a lot of fun out there. Jeremiah keeps improving, and is learning how to get open, and fake out the big boys. He scored ten points last night, including a nifty three point play.

The Eighth Graders won big again. A streak! I haven't clarified that Isaiah comes in as the sixth man. He was disappointed at first not to be a starter. But every time he comes in he makes a great contribution: fifteen rebounds last night, six points, and two real nice assists. I think he ought to be a starter, but he's OK with things the way they are. Besides, for him anything other than football is a minor sport. He's just keeping in shape until Fall.

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