Friday, December 10, 2010

More "Youth Sporting Events"

A recent commenter wrote that he expects to find here "pictures of beautiful fishes beautiful water and mountains and the occasional youth sporting event."
Yep, another post on basketball. There are only a couple of games left, so the mainline sports will soon take a backseat to the outdoor sports.

Jeremiah and the Seventh Graders finally won a game. By one point in a thriller. Jeremiah made his usual contribution, including these two sweet shots, and some tough D at the end when they held the other team scoreless for the last minute or so. They're now one and six, but they were thrilled with the win.

Isaiah and the Eighth Graders lost their most recent game, but their record stands at four and three. Isaiah's individual effort continues to impress me, especially on defense, like this block. He got called for a foul, but, of course, I thought it was clean. And once in awhile he'll surprise me, like with this nifty lay up.

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