Thursday, December 2, 2010

Basketball Report: A Loss and a Win

Three games in a row this week. Both teams did better on Tuesday. The Seventh Graders still lost, but by a respectable margin. The Eighth Graders played hard and took a win.
Both boys played real well, and tonight they did even better, but those videos will be in the next post.

Jeremiah continues to gain confidence and is taking more shots. And making more.

Isaiah still looks real good to me out there, and he, too, is making more shots. His game ended a little early, as you will see in the last of his videos, when he took a hard fall and hit his head. He said he was fine right after the game, didn't have a headache, and could have kept playing. After a concussion in football I think he knows whereof he speaks, but better safe than sorry.

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