Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trout Lake Report: A Labor of Love

I made it back to the lake on Labor Day for a few hours in the evening. The hot weather has returned, the lake is down and the weeds are up, and the fish were busy.

I caught a handful of little fish, but the big fish were out there.

This was the best one I caught. It hit the Carpet Caddis hard as a I was stripping it along a weed bed.

Just at dark I was skidding the Carpet Caddis along behind me as I paddled in toward shore and a big fish took it. It quickly ran out all the slack line, and, just as I decided to keep it on the reel instead of trying to strip it in, it lunged and broke me off.

Love it.

That was my last Carpet Caddis--again--so I'll have to tie up a few more. But it will be a labor of love.

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