Friday, September 9, 2011

Trout Lake Report: A Long Lunch Hour

I grabbed a couple of hours at mid day, a time I am typically absent from the lake. It was good to bask in the heat of the Noon sun; soon enough it will be jacket weather again.

The lake is down a little more, and the weeds are more and more a factor. They concentrate the fish, but it can be tricky extricating them from that green tangle.

The fish, mostly smaller, were popping up around the weed beds like popcorn. There was no discernible hatch, and I was unable to see on the water anything that might have been tempting their palates. But they were up and having lunch.

So was this Osprey. It had just missed a fish as I got this shot. A few minutes later I saw it heading for the trees with a fine trout in its talons.

I also caught fish. I have not gotten around to tying up more Carpet Caddis, so I experimented to see if I could find the next hot fly. I didn't. I caught these fish on three different flies, and it took some coaxing.

But that's a very good way to spend a long lunch hour. I felt well fed.

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