Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yakima River Report: Maybe Next Time

I went to a conference over the weekend at a camp near the upper Yakima. So Sunday afternoon on the way home I stopped by.

It's a pretty stretch and I've fished it before under the same circumstances: in passing.

Squalls of rain were blowing through, and I saw a few Baetis and some October Caddis. I worked a Pheasant Tail through likely runs and pools with no takers, but caught a couple of small trout by swinging a little streamer and a beadhead nymph close along that tree-covered bank on the left.

There was more I could have done, but it had been a long weekend, I had a three and a half hour drive ahead of me, and home beckoned. So I stowed my soggy gear and hit the road.

Each time I've done this I think, "I really should come down here and give it the time it deserves."

Maybe next time.

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