Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trout Lake Report: Beauty Fades

Where is September going so fast? Just goes to show: beauty fades.

It was a warm, windy evening. The fish hit the Bomber eagerly as it waked through the riffles, but it took me a long time to manage a hookup. After that it seemed easy.

I thought this Brown was a big one, then discovered it was foul hooked. Ouch.

A fish broke off the Bomber. Then the wind sat down. The fish went nuts, mostly small ones based on the many I saw leaping clear out of the water. I saw a few big Caddis in the mix of midges. I went with the Carpet Caddis, although a Griffith's Gnat might have served me better. I caught one hard fighter on the CC and was content.

And another beautiful day faded away.

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