Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get Rich Quick

The river has been calling me recently. I'm told there are sockeye in there right now, and at this time of year there's always the chance of a steelhead or a big, summer-fat smallmouth.

So I googled "sockeye flies" out of curiosity. I found some beautiful little flies. And I found this.

Red Hot #6

So here's the get-rich-quick scheme. Buy up a bunch of these hooks--you can probably get them for a dime apiece or so. Our local sporting goods stores have racks of them. People like to wad their Powerbait on them for trout. Then tie on a couple strands of, oh, about anything, I suppose. Then sell them online for $1.75 a pop. Because, as the website says, "if they don't want green, they want red."

I wonder if anyone actually buys these? But, like they say, there's one born every minute.


  1. Jim, you just jump started the economy.

    1. You just gave me a good long laugh. Thanks. Yeah, maybe it's my civic duty to invent some more expensive no-tie flies. We can call them the Emperor's Flies.

    2. Too funny! One of the best imitations of a san juan worm for me is just a plain gamakatsu red worm hook, works great up here in the Bow River, and your right! Cheapest fly I have ever bought!