Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trout Lake Report: Lake Song

The river calls, but you need to take the first taste of September at the lake. The advancing shadows and the retreating sunlight now become a metaphor for the time of the season. But the evening is still sweet, and you drink it in.

The fish are willing and bright with life.

A breeze swirls out of the south, then switches to the north. The mountains in the lake dance to its tune.

You drift north with the breeze...

Then south with the breeze, letting it call the tune.

Crickets sing constantly, a multi-toned drone that holds the whole world in its embrace. Flocks of cedar waxwings in the willows add their buzzing trills to the chorus.

A single coyote howls and you're wondering if he's still alone when his whole family joins in. You kick in and head for home to join yours.


  1. Jim
    What I would give to have a lake like that to fish for trout, you are one lucky fly fisherman. thanks for sharing

  2. As long as its just the coyotes and not a pack of wolves. Nice outing Jim!

  3. You're not using the "no-tie flies"? I know, you have to go with what works. LOL


  4. Drink it in,drink it in. As always your posts,are "bright with life". I like the vision of a family singing together.