Thursday, September 13, 2012

Youth Sports Post: Isaiah's New ACL

We were up at 4 AM with an appointment in Wenatchee at 7 for Isaiah's surgery to repair a torn ACL. Halfway there we hit the smoke. Wenatchee is surrounded by fires, and a heavy pall of smoke hung over the city all day.

Isaiah handled all the prep with aplomb, even the three tries to get his IV started.

He had thoroughly researched this surgery. He got all his questions answered, and was eager to get started.

Isaiah said when he was on the table in the OR the anesthesiologist asked him what his favorite football team was, and why. He says he never finished the answer. Next thing he knew he was trying to wake up in the Recovery Room.

And he was hungry. He went through three plates of soda crackers, though he kept falling asleep between plates. The nurse said they were probably the best crackers he'd ever had, and he heartily agreed.

The surgery went well, though the surgeon tried to use a hamstring tendon from Isaiah, but was unable to get a suitable piece. So he went with a donor tendon. Isaiah was disappointed with that, worrying that it would not be as "good" as his own. But he received many reassurances, and I suspect he'll be doing some more research on that.

All in all he felt good about it. We had promised him that he would be pampered, and he was, so much so that he was in no big hurry to leave.

On the way home we passed more fires.

Isaiah napped on and off, and asked questions about the rehab and when it would start. He knows he's got some work ahead of him, but that now he can finally begin. He was quiet for awhile, then said, "I feel like I can play football again."

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  1. Those sneaky hospital people. Last operation I had they said we're giving you something to relax. Two seconds later I was in recovery. You're a strong man, Isaiah.