Monday, September 24, 2012

The Smoker You Drink...

Had to go to Wenatchee today. The fires burn on, the smoke lingers, the air quality over a large portion of the state has been designated hazardous. This is a view south down the Columbia, about 40 miles away from Wenatchee. It looked like this in the city, too.

When I left home this morning we had a smoky haze, but nothing like what I ran into closer to Wenatchee. But the wind was brisk from the southwest all day, smoke was streaming out of the Methow River valley from the Methow Complex Fire, and this is what it looked like over our little town at around 5 PM after I got back.

Football games and cross country meets are being cancelled around the area, but so far they haven't cancelled fishing. So I plan to go out tomorrow and see what the fish think of it all.


  1. I remember driving around with my brother in his Impala. Listening to Rocky Mountain Way on 8 track tape. Windows down. Digging some great Joe Walsh. Hope conditions improve for you folks.