Friday, April 5, 2013

Angels and Dudes

Something good has been happening in the fly fishing world. I've been aware of it, I think, but something about this photo finally brought it home to me. The women have arrived.

Photo from The Female Angle

It reminds me of a piece Erin Block wrote, What I Want To Be. What she wants to be is:

"A fisherman. Not a fisherwoman. Not a fisherperson.....I know full well what this belief of mine means, and what writing this means. It means that as a woman in a male-dominated world I have to be as good as, no --- better than --- most of the men. That is, if I want to be taken seriously. And I do. And I will be. I'm not just a pair of breasts in waders. I'm no trophy, nor are my fish.....My kind of feminism isn't sexualized. I'm a woman and I think that's fairly obvious. I don't need to have a pink rod or waders that hug my hips. And I don't need to be overly tough and bitchy to make my point. My kind of feminism, my way of being a woman, means that I will cast and tie and fish as well as menNot out of spite, or to impress, but out of respect. For you -- and, for myself. I want to fish with you – not against or behind.... A good fisherman. That is what I want to be."

I don't know if all women feel that way. But when I look at this photo I think I understand what Erin is saying. At some point, gender becomes secondary, and we're all fly fishermen.

The Rogue Angels blog has a long list of links to blogs by and about women fly fishermen. They call them "Fishy Blogs by Angels." Erin Block's blog, Mysteries Internal, is in the list.

Then they have a long list of what they call "Fishy Dude Blogs." Yeah, the dudes. The men fly fishermen.

Looking at my blog list on this blog I have lots of dudes and only two angels.

So I was remembering an old saying, that a bird with one wing can't fly. That has been applied, rightly, it seems to me, to gender inequality in our world. The point is that a male dominated society--or sport--becomes like a bird who has cut off one of its own wings.

In that spirit, I'm adding Rogue Angels to my blog list, and, through them, all the angels in their list.

Rogue Angels

The fact is, I think angels need two strong wings, too. And maybe, just maybe, there's a little bit of angel in every dude, and a little bit of dude in every angel.

Michelle Houle and Rainbow. Photo from Rogue Angels


  1. I'm with ya Jim. I follow several womens blogs and not only can they probably outfish me and my other buddies on a consistent basis , but they look way better in waders while doing it!!

  2. I welcome them on the stream anytime. The one time I did fish with one of the angels, I was definitely outclassed. She fished rings around me.