Monday, April 15, 2013

Lake Report: Pre-Season Preview

We've slipped back to more normal early springtime weather. There was snow on the ridge tops Sunday morning, Snoqualmie Pass was closed due to snow, and down in the valley orchards were encased in ice because growers had run sprinklers all night to protect them from freezing by keeping them at 32 degrees. But don't cry for us; the extended forecast calls for sunshine and 76 degrees on April 27. That's good. That's Opening Day for my favorite lakes.

I almost went fishing at the early opening lake late Sunday afternoon, but I realized just before I got there that I had left my flippers in the garage. That's OK, it was breezy and about 50 degrees anyway. So I just kept driving and took the scenic loop through the Wildlife Area where my favorite lakes are located. Things are looking good.

The north end of the Wildlife Area, and a little lake I don't fish.

Brookie Lake, outlet channel and spillway.

Heading on south.

One of the places where the little creek that feeds all the lakes in this little valley crosses under the road. Old timers fished it up higher for Brookies.

Trout Lake, north end, looking south. My favorite lake. My first view of it this year.

South end, looking south.

South end, looking back north.

Heading back south again.

Balsam Root blooming along the road climbing out of the Wildlife Area.
It's just the beginning; hillsides will be solid yellow.

Descending to the big valley. The other side is lit by the evening sun.

And back down the highway and home. It won't be long now....

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