Friday, November 21, 2014

Be Steelheaded


Trout Unlimited is launching a new initiative to save wild Steelhead.


Today, 70 percent of the major steelhead populations in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California require federal protection and opportunities to catch wild steelhead have diminished dramatically in many rivers. At the same time, we are seeing wild steelhead make a comeback, in rivers like the Elwha and Eel. We believe that the future of wild steelhead — and angling opportunity for these incredible fish — cries out for coordinated action across their native range.
5457cb741cfa0b0d4bd9f270_TRT-Logo.pngTROUT UNLIMITED’S CONSERVATION WORK.
Above all, it is a home to anyone who believes in the quest to protect these fish.

Click on the link to go to Wild Steelheaders United, their support site and informational hub. You can also find a permanent link in my Favorite Site list on the right margin of this blog.

While you're there you can click on the box that says

to take a stand and to sign up for regular updates.

If fishermen don't do this, who will?

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  1. It's a great group. They've done so much in so many places..