Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"When I Was Seven" by Liane Ellison Norman

Liverpool, England during the Blitz.

When I Was Seven

the war in Europe moved in on the domed
wooden radio with its gothic front where 
Let's Pretend arrived every Saturday, brought 
to us by Uncle Bill and Cream O' Wheat. 

Nathalie and I conspired to send a bomb 
to Hitler hidden in a bouquet of wild flowers, 
or better, in a jar of mayonnaise: either bomb 
or mayo would kill him. I built cities 

out of dominoes where Hitler lived 
and bombed them flat with other dominoes, 
but he hid under the couch and I fled onto it
so he couldn't grab me by the ankles.

"When I Was Seven" by Liane Ellison Norman,
from Breathing the West: Great Basin Poems© Bottom Dog Press, 2012. 

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