Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fly Tying: Inspiration

I dipped into my copy of  Flies: The Best One Thousand for some more inspiration for Steelhead ties. I didn't try to duplicate the patterns, just followed them with the materials I had at hand. 

     Not in the book, but one of my favorite basic stonefly nymph patterns.
     Hook: #6 Gamakatsu T10-6H salmon hook
     Thread: Black
     Tail: Natural deer hair
     Body: Black wool
     Rib: Oversized Grizzly hackle, palmered (Just for the heck of it.)
     Thorax: Olive sparkle dubbing
     Wing Case: Natural deer hair
     Legs: Deer hair tips folded back

     Originator: Harry Lemire
             My Tie                                                 Lemire's Tie
     Hook: #6 TMC 2312                              Hook: Partridge 01, #4-6
     Thread: Black                                        Thread: Black "A" nymo
     Tag: Fine flat copper tinsel                      Tag: Fine flat copper tinsel
     Rib: Fine flat copper tinsel                      Rib: Fine flat copper tinsel
     Body: Rusty orange sparkle dubbing        Body: Rusty orange seal fur
     Underwing: Black antron yarn                 Underwing: Gray squirrel tail
     Wings: Brown Hackle tips                      Wings: Light mottled brown hen saddle feathers 
     Collar: Moose tail hair                            Collar: Moose body hair
     Head: Moose tail hair                              Head: Moose body hair

     Originator: Bill McMillan, based on a Roderick Haig-Brown pattern, the Carpenter Ant
               My Tie                                                McMillan's Tie
     Hook: #6 Gamakatsu T10-6H                  Hook: Partridge N, # 1/0-6
     Thread: Black                                        Thread: Black 6/0 prewaxed
     Tag: Copper wire                                   Tag: Copper wire
     Rib: Copper wire                                    Rib: Copper wire
     Body: Black wool                                   Body: Black seal or goat fur
     Hackle: Brown hackle, palmered               Hackle: Iron blue dun hackle, palmered


  1. Nice flies there Jim , kind of an old style feel to all three of them. The last one , Black Palmer , gets my interest the most though. I can see that pattern being productive on some of my waters as a stonefly imitation fished wet (although I'm assuming it is meant to be fished dry since it's said to be a carpenter ant pattern).