Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Family Post: Artisters

Back in October I was in Indiana waiting for the birth of my grandson Elliot. While we waited I had lots of wonderful time to spend with his big sister Iris. One morning she painted pictures--and her hand.

We hung her art on the door to dry, and I asked if I could take them home with me. Iris was more than happy to let me have them.

Then, on the last day I was there, Elliot was born. In all the excitement I was unable to get the paintings before I left.

I got a big envelope in the mail last week, and in it were the paintings. They are now gracing the wall of my study. This is my favorite.  

Iris also painted a new picture for me, and this one is signed. Pretty cool. Her mother Laura made a video of Iris as she painted it. Iris explains that this is a "statue doggy." It's the best painting of a statue doggy I've ever seen.

In the video Iris said, "When I grow up I want to be a real artister!" Her Grandpa thinks she's well on her way.

Her mother, my daughter Laura, is already there. She has been an accomplished "artister" since college. In the envelope was a painting she had done for my birthday.

She writes, "I wanted to do something with one of the flies you'd tied and, scouring your blog, found the one you'd named 'February Thaw.' It was gorgeous and matches your birth month...win/win." 

Definitely a win for me. Thanks, Babe.