Thursday, March 26, 2015

Youth Sports Post: Spring Sports

With Spring comes spring sports.

My son, Jeremiah, will play baseball. These photos are from practice. We've had one game but Jeremiah didn't play because of grades, alas. We lost. I think he's got those grades up now, so maybe he can help us to our first win this weekend.

Soccer has kicked off as well.

That's Isaiah's sport. Last month he made the FC Spokane U18 team, and will play for them this summer.

As for the high school season, he, too, hasn't played yet because of grades, more's the pity. But he's busted his butt to be eligible, and should be playing this weekend. So far we have a record of 2 and 1, and Isaiah's return, I believe, will help us get firmly on the winning track.

Isaiah did play in a pre-season jamboree, and our team dominated. Isaiah looked very good.

I was surprised to see that last photo of mine on the front page of the Sports section in the local paper.

Actually, it's not mine. It was taken by Al Camp, one of the local sports reporters. I was out there taking photos, and so was he. He came over to talk to me, and give me pointers, so we were standing right next to each other when we shot the same play just a split second apart.

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