Friday, March 6, 2015

Rocky Ford Creek Report: Feels Like Spring

It feels like spring at Rocky Ford with a warm sun and temperatures breaking 60 degrees.

The recent winds have churned up the aquatic vegetation, and floating weeds are a factor. But you can still drop a fly down through them under an indicator. A San Juan worm works once on a pretty little fish.

I try all the flies and tactics that worked so well last time, but this is a new day. 

A newborn damselfly flutters by and rests at my feet.

A Pheasant Tail nymph works once on another pretty little fish.

Sandhill cranes pass by far overhead, appropriately heading north. Ducks, Grebes, Gulls, Robins, Marsh Hawks, Red Wingeds, Crows, Ravens, Marsh Wrens, and Meadowlarks are active and noisy.

With evening comes the first mosquitoes of the year and a hatch of BWOs. There are duns on the water but only a few trout bother with them. My attempt to match the hatch with tiny dry flies is fun but unsuccessful.

So I go back to the Pheasant Tail under an indicator and get a few farewell bumps before it's time to go.

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