Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nature and Time Will Heal Our Wounds

From Le Mouching:

"Auoutou, means autumn in the local language of Massif Central the mountains in the middle of France. Pierre Monatte was editing his latest film when he learned what happened in Paris this Friday. So he decided to send us this film all about nature, fall colours and easy living. To heal our pain. Pierre, the same name as our friend Pierro who was shot while having fun at a rock concert. And sweetness as was young Suzon, who loved the band she went to see. May this kindness be for all of you. We know that nature and time will heal our wounds."

I was ending my last short film on this tragic Friday of November. I wished to headlight the colours, the smoothness and the majesty of Autumn. The day after, I found a resonance between these motion pictures and abomination of men become crazy. This modest film was like a solace, a distancing, a peg to hang up our little hope in our human condition :
"This Friday night, humankind became crazy. Maybe God exists, if yes, he’s here in the transparency of a grayling’s fin, in the simple pleasure of pan-fried mushroom, in a sunrise on autumn mists, isn’t he? Auoutou is autumn in my local dialect, it’s the light of a benefactor fire, more powerful than the destructive fire of human misery."

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  1. Very nice...calmed my angst of the last few days...