Saturday, November 14, 2015

November: How Did We Get Here?

November. Already half over. How did we get here?

I haven't fished since Trout Lake closed. I needed some quiet time to process and adjust. What usually happens when you put something on hold for awhile is that other things step forward and demand attention. That happened.

That means I've been busy. Good stuff, enjoyable stuff. Just not fishing.

So I need to fish. The river is up, and it's gray and rainy. That could mean steelhead are moving, and more could be here now waiting for me.

At the same time weather reports call for temps dropping into the teens at night next week. I know that story. One day the river is there, the next day you get up and it's hiding under a foot of ice.

So this is called a "window" --that fleeting opening between now and when the ice comes.

I'll be trying to hit that opening. Soon.

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  1. Trout withdrawal. Had it all summer. Watch Hank Patterson videos, it helps.