Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday Fishing Report: Back to the River

All was well at the river. No floaters on a Monday.
I fished for big fish but kept getting bumps, so I finally rigged for what I thought was doing the bumping and had lots of fun catching lots of these.
I ranged downriver a ways, still looking for salmon or steelhead. These vultures, and more of their kind, were also working the river and riding the strong wind ahead of an approaching front.
It's always good to be reminded that I'm a visitor at the river, that it's home for many animals.
I kept gravitating back to the run under the bridge. I worked it thoroughly, several times, looking for something big.
I didn't find it, but I caught one more little smallie who hit this fly almost as big as he was. Maybe it was self-defense.
It's also good to be reminded that the river is constantly changing, and that the big fish I'm looking for are always moving up and downriver. I didn't find them this day, but they could be there tomorrow.
I'll be back.

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