Friday, June 11, 2010

Damsel Flies

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Work is finished for now, the day is warmer and looks like it will be dry, and I plan to hit the lake this afternoon and evening.
So I tied up some damsels last night. All these are on #10 3X long shank hooks.
This is a first attempt at the newly emerged pale olive adult. Could work.
This is the original "Damsel in Distress" pattern. It killed at Cutthroat Lake last year fished dead in the surface film. It didn't work at all at Trout Lake. Maybe this year will be different.
I tried a second round and got a little neater. No tails. The emerged adult has a krystal flash rib. The Damsel in Distress has a blue cord body instead of marabou. Looks too fat to me.
Eh. We'll see.
As always, doesn't matter at all what I think of them....

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