Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishing Report: I'm Confused

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One more trip Sunday evening. It was cool, it was overcast, it was windy. The wind was out of the south and had the north end all chopped up.
So, I bid farewell to the phantom Drakes and went for what little shelter there was on the south end.
I put my rain jacket on.
I hadn't been there for awhile. Who knows, maybe the Drakes were hatching there this year. But, even in the small sheltered areas, the denizens of the lake were asleep.
I tried various things, including a Drake, the Carpet Caddis, nymph and indicator, trolling. Nothing. I just got cold. Seems that the water is colder on that end.
Then it started to rain.
I trolled through the rain.
I ended up far up along the east side. The rain quit and it got calm. Little fish--little fish--were working on the midges--midges.
I tied on the Elk Hair Caddis and caught a little tiny trout. I released it in the water. Then a breeze came up out of the north. I got colder.
Finally I trolled back to the truck. Black beadhead leech again. Long troll. The sky was dark and the moon shining brightly through the scudding clouds before I made it back.
I caught a fairly nice fish--bigger than ten inches. That was nice. I released it with numb fingers.
I'm confused. What month is this? Do I know at all what I'm doing?

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