Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fishing Report: Move On Down the Road

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I'm way behind in my blogging. Lots of baseball games. A local Founder's Day celebration with a parade and a rodeo. I think I must have taken a thousand pictures in the last week. I hope to get some of them posted soon.
But first, some fishing.
I stopped by Cutthroat Lake last week at midday after a morning's work. Nothing doing there. I saw the fish, I threw some flies at them, but they were oblivious. Or I was.
So, I moved on down the road. This is a nice lake, but busy, and lined with homes and resorts. Here at the north end it's a little more natural and scenic, and there are some nice flats that one day I'll have to explore in a float tube. On this day there were some little Rainbows rising enthusastically there, so I tried my hand at some long casts.
I picked one up before the wind came up and made casting tricky.
There was something in its mouth that I thought was weed from the shoreline, but when I started to remove it for the picture I saw what it was.
A damsel. My guess is he was full of them. That's a good sign, I suppose. I had seen the pale green females swarming at Cutthroat Lake, but I hadn't seen any blue males. Or are they two separate phases of the life cycle? I don't know.
But, as I left this lake I was thinking about tying up a few of my Damsel in Distress pattern for my next roll of the dice at Cutthroat Lake.

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