Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fishing Report: Nets Work; Cell Phone Doesn't

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We've finally had some genuinely summer-like weather. The local pool opens tomorrow, but Jeremiah and his friends couldn't wait, so yesterday I took them to a lake.
It was a swimming trip, but they came prepared for some fishing, too--with nets.
I was a skeptic at first. Then they started catching a ton of little bluegill and sunfish. They figured out how to cooperate and drive the hapless fish into the nets. It was like observing firsthand the Evolution of Man.
There were many more fish in this bucket by the end of the day.
Others came to the lake, too. We were at the only boat launch, so we had to make way several times for boats launching and landing. Then a pickup full of young dudes pulled up. They had a big ramp in the back of the pickup which they lugged out to the end of the dock.
Then the show began.
I enjoyed watching them. It also inspired the boys.
Then it was more fishing.
They ended up on the dock, and I got inspired to go over and take some underwater shots.
Out I went and got down on my stomach next to Jeremiah and began snapping away. I didn't get much, but it was fun--until my cell phone slid out of my shirt pocket and sank into the depths. It wasn't too deep, fortunately, and the boys quickly dove in and retrieved it for me.
It's still dead, but us wildlife photographers have to make sacrifices for the great shot: Yes, I'm kidding.

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