Friday, June 18, 2010

Fishing Report: Think Pink

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Back to Trout Lake for the evening. Back to north end, down this hill again with float tube.
Fish biding their time. Started with Carpet Caddis, raised nothing. Watched for Drakes, saw none.
Still, tied on one of my Drakes. Enjoyed watching pink wing post. Breeze came up, riffled water. Dropped fly next to some willows. Almost didn't see take because of reflection on riffle. Missed him.
Dropped fly in same spot. There he was. Good fish, gave me first screaming reel run of season.
Realized why I like pink wing post: matches trout.
Took detour down long channel on west side. Looking for good place for, to use term from radio report on economic crisis in European Union, "Euro nation." Not easy with lake so high.
Found one. Also found pink roses.
Stuck with my Drake. Several hits, bumps, from little trout.
Like this one.

Nice evening. Warmer than yesterday, rain held off. Enough rises to say, "We're still here...." Fished until dark, quit before hooked bat. Happy to catch good fish on Drake. Went home thinking pink.

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