Friday, July 2, 2010

Fishing Report: Aedan

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I'm home again after a wonderful trip to Indiana. I got to see three daughters and, of course, my two grandsons, Aedan and Liam.
Liam just turned one and is too little for fishing. We'll let him get walking down first. (He's close!) But Aedan, who just turned four, was ready to go. We went back to the pond in their development where Aedan and I fished last year.
He has two rods now. He used his new Toy Story rig and let me use the Spiderman rig I gave him last year.
I got him a pack of soft baits with jig heads and a spinner, as well as the mandatory foam spiders. He thoroughly explored all the options before choosing a bait. Then we were ready to rock and roll.
This pond is full of little Bluegill, and we got lots of hits and follows, but no hookups. But we were digging it.
Aedan soon decided it was time to go to McDonald's, the next stop on our evening's agenda. Fishing is fun, but a man's got to eat. So I picked up his rod and made a few more casts for him. He had already told me twice that I could only cast "one more time!" when I finally hooked a fish.
He held the rod for a picture. Maybe he'll remember it that he caught the fish. I hope so.
He didn't want to hold the fish, though, but he did want to touch it--with one finger.
Then--finally--we headed to McDonald's for a well-earned meal. And some climbing in the play area.
And some foosball.
We topped it all off with dessert at the DQ.
It doesn't get much better than that. Thanks for a great time, Aedan.

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