Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Brothers: Just Thinkin'

I recently saw these photos on one of the blogs I visit regularly. They're from a trip to the Henry's Fork for the Green Drake hatch last month.
Made me think about our trip to the Fork coming up in September.
It was odd to see this stretch downstream from the viewing platform at Last Chance so green.
And this one made me think of our venture up Box Canyon so many years ago now.
And, of course, fun at Trouthunter.
So I looked again at these photos, compliments of Pete, of one of our trips. How long ago was this, anyway?
It was the trip we went to the Teton and fished for our dinner. You both caught yours. I didn't, though I'd caught a nice fish there the day before.
But you shared. Thanks.
So good to remember...
So good to anticipate. Meet you at the "X," or whatever else is there now.

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