Monday, July 12, 2010

Heads Up--Literally

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Heads up on a new link to another of my favorite sites: Tetoncam. I found this site years ago when I was making a yearly drive from the midwest to the Henry's Fork. They've redesigned the website and gotten a bigger camera than they had then. The mountains haven't changed, though; they're as spectacular as ever.
When it was finally time to make my break for the west I would often blow nonstop (gas only) on 80 straight through to Wyoming. Seems like I'd always cross the line in the wee hours, Cheyenne winking in the dark ahead. I'd drive on to just a few miles east of Rawlins where I'd sleep for three or four hours in a rest stop.
When I'd wake it was early morning in the West, and I'd drive to Rawlins and turn north on 287. This was the magic road. It would climb out of sagebrush flats and Pronghorns and wind into bluffs and aspens, then pines and willow-lined streams in meadows far below the road. Finally I'd see the signs warning of Grizzly Bears, and I'd start watching. Then, after a few more bends mounting that last pass, looking up, always looking up, the Tetons would loom into view.
From then on, as long as I was there, the Tetons were a constant presence, from that drive along their majestic base into Jackson, to seeing them in my rear view mirror after crossing Teton Pass into Idaho, to some special days on Bonefish Flats on the Henry's Fork when they would glow in the evening sun miles away.
After going home one year I found this webcam and would visit it regularly to keep the feeling alive as long as possible. The view is from the west side, the view from the Fork--and also from the Teton River, worth a trip just for this view--and afternoon thunderstorms and evening light can be spectacular as I recall.
Here's the view today at 3:15 PM Mountain Time. I resized it larger:
Take a look now and then. You might hear these peaks calling to you, too.

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