Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fishing Report: Nice and Simple

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It was a simple evening trip to Trout Lake. The day had been busy and productive, so driving up to the lake in the old truck was like kicking back on the couch.
I put in at the south end, so there wasn't far to paddle. I could begin fishing prime water right at the launch.
The task at hand was simple: fish the evening hatch, whatever that might be.
It turned out to be nothing to get worked up about: midges mainly, and not any Caddis to speak of. So I relaxed, and just fished.
I had tied on a Caddis, just in case. All I had of the elk hair variety was pretty big. (Note to self: tie up some little Caddis. Make them simple.)
I was lazily moving the fly when this trout hit it. He thought it was just right.
I fished until dusk, drifting with the light breeze. A beaver swam by, a coyote yipped and howled, a doe swished through the lupine up above the shoreline willows, a Kingbird tried to eat my fly, and a Great Horned Owl announced the approach of darkness.
I didn't go hunting for another fish, and no more fish came to my fly.
But one was enough. Nice and simple.

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