Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trout Lake Report: A Brown Trifecta

Here in late, late Spring--on the very doorstep of Summer--early Spring weather persists. The sun is warm, when it can break free of the clouds, but when it can't the wind still carries the chill of snowy peaks.

But the life of the lake carries on--and so do the fishermen.

The Hex are still hatching, heavier each day.

And more and more trout are finding them--and the well-placed imitation.

If you're lucky, the head that comes up to take your fly will be a big one. And sometimes it will be yellow.

And sometimes that last fish of the evening, taken on a lazily trolled wooly bugger, will make it a Brown trifecta.

And you're the winner.


  1. Beautiful images...and for some reason the black and white are especially striking.

  2. Nasty in the winter, nice in the summer.