Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trout Lake Report: Long Live the Hatch

Last Saturday, the day of the big Brown. You have really come to see if the Hex are still hatching.

After releasing the Brown you tie on a Hex fly. No Hex are on the water. A few fish are rising in the willows to midges and caddis. Maybe they've been waiting to see if the Hex will hatch, too, or maybe they just remember. When you put it in the right place they come eagerly to the big fly.

Dusk comes. You see a mere handful of big mayflies where before there were thousands.

The fish still come to the fly, but there is something benedictory about their takes.

The hatch has been superb, phenomenal. You remember, too; you won't soon forget. But you accept the truth.

The hatch is spent. Long live the Hatch.

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  1. Great new banner photo, Jim. Very nice work.