Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trout Lake Report: Grand Daddy

Thunderheads loom over the distant mountains, roll toward the lake.

Down the shoreline throwing a big muddler, keeping a weather eye out. Thunder rumbles, rain patters.

Storm veers off to the east, thunder grumbling away.

Hundreds of casts, way around the curve of the lake. A familiar stretch, but unmemorable--until now.

A take, a weight. Classic struggle of a big Brown, deep and slow. Tired--or wise: this too shall pass.

A Grand Daddy of Browns.

Long in life, long in length, well past the eighteen inch measure.

Hangs for a moment, sinks back into the depths.

Overhead, an Eagle hangs for a moment, soars into the heights.

Seems like a good time to crack the Thunderhead.


  1. OK, now you are just showing off--way cool

  2. A beautiful fish caught in a beautiful spot. Nice!