Monday, March 18, 2013

Youth Sports Post: Dream and Dedication

There was a double header on Saturday.

We were there, watching Jeremiah and his teammates sweep their opponents.

Meanwhile, behind us, there was a soccer game going on. Isaiah was there but didn't play. He still doesn't have enough practices in to be eligible. And, as I've pointed out before, his role will be limited because he's still rehabbing from ACL surgery in September.

Every time I glanced behind me the other team was scoring a goal. Knowing Isaiah, I can imagine how excruciating it is for him to have to just sit there on the bench and do nothing to help the team.

The soccer game was long over and the second baseball game was winding down when we started to wonder why Isaiah hadn't joined us yet. I looked over and saw why.

Over and over and over.

Take a dream, add dedication, and there will be no stopping it.

Click for Update: It all pays off.

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  1. those young men of yours are going places.

    admiration and love to you all.