Friday, March 15, 2013

Youth Sports Post: Play Ball

Yesterday was opening day.

Here's the first pitch of the 2013 season.

Jeremiah played right field, and made a nice catch of a high fly ball. Later he pitched an inning and allowed only one base runner.

The other team scored a run in their first at bat. Our guys responded by holding them scoreless the rest of the way and scoring over 20 runs themselves. There will be stiffer challenges ahead, but it was a good beginning.

Jeremiah was wearing number 44. That's Reggie Jackson's number. I thought that was a good omen, and I was eager to see him bat. But inning after inning he stayed in the dugout until it was time to take the field again.

So I went over to see what was up. He said two things: one, he wasn't ready to bat, and two, don't be coming into the dugout taking his picture.

I think he meant it.

Sorry, Jeremiah. I'll try to remember from now on. Nice game.

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