Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Youth Sports Post: Spring Sports

The days roll around. This week Spring sports begin.

Isaiah is practicing with the soccer team. His knee has done so well since ACL surgery in September that he will take a limited role with the team. Call it further physical therapy as he gets ready for his first love, football.

Right next to the soccer field is the baseball diamond, and this year Jeremiah will play baseball.

He hasn't played since he was in grade school, but he's remembering everything he loved about the game then. He'll play with the Varsity--since they don't have enough players to have a JV squad. But he still feels honored.

The first soccer game is today, and the first baseball game on Thursday. Life will be a little busier, but also more fun. I'm looking forward to it. Let's hope this mild weather sticks around.

Ha ha. It won't.


  1. Man that's a good sight to see.

  2. Wow, took me back to the first day of football season. Coach says "eat something light like toast and orange juice". So I ate toast and orange juice and left it on the sidelines. After that, nothing in the morning.