Friday, May 3, 2013

Cutthroat Lake Preview

We've had a cool spell. Nights have been freezing and days a little raw. Wind has been whipping to make it a little more uncomfortable. But it looks like we're turning the corner, maybe for good. Rumor has it we'll hit the 90's this weekend. OK by me.

Thursday wasn't too bad weather wise. Still a bit cool, with a gusty breeze. I had work to do, but I was up near Cutthroat Lake, so I stopped by to see how things looked. Looked pretty good, with that unearthly blue that out-blued the sky.

I had my rod and vest in the truck so I took about an hour and threw woolly buggers from the bank. The water was milky, so I couldn't see any fish cruising by like I usually do. But they let me know they were there. Two times fish came up nearby to suck in a midge.

Still, I enjoyed my lake break. And I actually got two pulls. I'll take that. It's a start.

Next time it will be hot, and I'll have the tube, and we'll get down to business.


  1. That water color is amazing! Is the color due to glacial runoff or something else?

    1. It looks just like glacial runoff, but it isn't. As far as I have heard it's a very high alkaline content. I don't have enough science to know if that would explain the color.