Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trout Lake Report: Persistence

It hasn't been easy this Spring, but you persist and manage another evening on the water. You find that the many campers on the south end have folded their tents and silently stolen away. You gladly fish there for the first time this season.

The lake is full and running over. You always feel elevated as you fish high above late season levels.

You persist with a muddler. You still enjoy fishing it, and it still gathers in some fish. This one grabs the fly as you trail it slowly behind you while you eat a sandwich.

This one dashes out of the submerged willows and jumps higher than your head. That height will be ten feet above your head at late season levels.

This one hits the fly and misses, then hits it a second time on a recast--and misses again. So you cast again, and it hits for a third time and is hooked.

Persistence. It's a quality to be admired in trout.

And in trout fishermen.

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