Sunday, May 5, 2013

Youth Sports Post: A Celebration of a Great Season

I wasn't the only one to notice that we finally had good weather for baseball on the last day of the season.

It was a glorious day to go out on, sunny and 84 degrees.

It was a double header against a very good team. Jeremiah played center field both games.

We have a young team. We had only one senior to recognize today, and most of the rest, like Jeremiah, are Freshmen. So score-wise we didn't have too much to cheer about. They beat us both games, by lopsided margins. The first game was a shutout, but in the second game we rallied to score 3 runs. We all cheered like crazy for that moral victory.

Between games some of the parents of our team supplied a lunch--for both teams. Nice.

Isaiah was there, sort of, hanging out and wandering around with some of his soccer cronies.

Jeremiah didn't get that home run, nor did he get on base, but he got the bat on the ball a couple of times--also a moral victory against the excellent pitching of the other team.

And he covered center field pretty well, making some good catches. There were plenty of opportunities what with the big bats of the opponents. He almost made a circus catch, running full-tilt for a sky high fly and just getting his glove on the ball before rolling on the ground and coming up empty.

I think everybody had a great day, even the team that "lost." It was more than a game. It was a celebration of a great season of disappointments and triumphs, of working hard and making steady improvement, of going against the odds and never giving up, of overcoming obstacles and doing better than you thought you could, of coming to the end and feeling good, knowing that through it all you had done your best.

Way to go, guys.

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