Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Folks: Fred

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So there's this wiry old man who lives up on the ridge overlooking the early season trout lake. He lives on the land he's been working all his life. He officially bought the place in 1961. But before that it was his father's. And before that it was his grandfather's, the one who first bought it for a dollar an acre, cleared the sagebrush and worked it into a productive piece of land.

Fred is a lot of things, but one thing you wouldn't know just from looking at him is that he's a big time Ford Man. Oh. Yeah, you would; just look at his hat.

OK. One thing you wouldn't know just from looking at him is that hidden on his place, which looks like a salvage yard, are amazing treasures. If you're lucky he might take you into one of the many sheds and workshops and show you some.

Like this one.

Or this one.

I've seen those before. He loves to drive and display them in the many parades and car shows in the area. 

But today he showed me his newest project. Man oh man.

This one has been worked up from the bare frame. Over $100 K in it so far. It's official coming out day will be June 16 at the local car show.

I want to be there. I want to see this thing on the street. I want to hear it. (Fred says he goes out once in awhile and cranks her up; you know, just to keep the pipes clean.) Maybe, just maybe, Fred will even give me a ride in it.

Pictures at 11.

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