Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake Report: The Hunger

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Everything has a hunger this time of year. The boys are no different. They badger me to go fishing at every opportunity. Saturday after Isaiah's soccer game we headed back to the lake. Wind or not, the boys gave it a good try.

They saw this hungry Osprey catch a fish (bad photo--wish I had a telephoto--but you can see the fish in it's talons) and were impressed. Rather than be discouraged at their lack of catching they just got inspired to try harder. Yep, they've got it bad.

They even tried the little spillway...

...and then convinced me to stop at the bass lake for awhile on the way home.

Easter was a big day, and I was tired, but they worked on me until I agreed to take them. The day had been beautiful, but as soon as we decided to go it got cloudy and a wind came up.

No matter. And no matter that they haven't caught anything for awhile. They're hungry with that hunger many of us know so well: the hunger simply to be out there fishing... 

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