Tuesday, April 5, 2011

River Report: Nothing But Memories

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I went out this afternoon, but I stayed close to home. The river was up a bit, so I thought it was worth trying the runs I knew rather than wading into some unknown stretch. It seemed a good chance that the higher water might mean a fish or two in the usual lies.

Not only was the river up, it was also a little murky. The rule of thumb is that if you can't see your boots in two feet of water, go home. I could see mine just fine in two and a half feet of water.

I worked the bridge run pretty well, with no luck, so waded across in waist deep water and went up to the glide.

The only things moving were birds: swallows, killdeer, geese, and ducks. And then this Osprey, riding the strong south wind.

I worked down the other side of the island taking a pass through the back channel, so I did cover some new water. But it was as quiet as the old familiar water. I climbed over the island and came out above the bridge run. It seemed like a good time to say goodbye to the river for awhile.

On the wade back across I fished the bridge run one more time. Nothing but memories.

It's time to switch gears. I know where I can get a rack for the new pickup so I'll be able to load up the canoe. But the weather has been so nice that I'm thinking I might go straight to the float tube. I'll hang up the heavy rod for now and get down the 4 weight. I'll take a few fly boxes out of the vest and put a few different ones back in. And I should be ready.

Next time, I'll make the trip around the mountain and over to that early season lake. I hear it's fishing better this year than it did last Spring.

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  1. well it looks like it wants to come up another 6 feet! yikes... two feet of water, cant see your boots, go home? dang Id never leave home if that was my case. I have to follow the rule if I like my chocolate milk a tad lighter in color, I go home, that would be about 3 inches of water to make the boots go bye bye..