Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lake Report: I Guess My Work Here Is Finished

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I got to the early season trout lake for a little while late Saturday afternoon. All by myself. I didn't have canoe or float tube, but I had my 4-weight and my waders. So I waded in and shook the kinks out of the line. Fish were jumping and trollers were catching them, but I didn't have any takers in the brief time I was there. They seemed to be just beyond my reach.

But it was really quite lovely. I'm ready to get out there with the float tube.

Meanwhile, Isaiah went to a friend's house this afternoon with some of his AAU basketball teammates. The friend is the son of the coach, and they went to their house to do some work to earn some money to help pay for the expenses of the past season. And the coach owns and runs one of the resorts on the early season trout lake.

So Isaiah told me this evening that he went out in a canoe while he was there (some other boys went out in a row boat) and caught a fish.

That means both boys have caught a still water trout this season before their old man has.

I guess my work here is finished.

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