Monday, April 18, 2011

They Make Me Wonder...

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I worked up a couple of midgey flies this afternoon thinking about those trout rising at the close of the day. The small one is #16, the bigger is #14. The main innovation for me is the use of emu for the wings.

I like these, which simply means they succeed in making me wonder. And what I wonder is, will this work...?

I was going to take the float tube out today, but decided to wait for Jeremiah to get home from school and invite him to go. I can go out tomorrow on my own.

When I had that idea things were looking good on the weather front. Then a weather front seemed to move through: wind, chilly temperatures. I'm not going to complain after the truly severe and deadly weather in the south earlier today and over the weekend. In fact, we will go thankful for such relatively mild weather, and grateful that we can go at all.


  1. The wonders never cease... got me a wonderin too.

  2. I have tied some emergers with emu but have not had the chance to try them. They look great

  3. I'm getting to like the stuff a lot. The buggers--or "emuggers"--sure have worked. Haven't gotten a chance to try these yet.