Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Letter

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We're fine. Spring is here, but we still have some cold nights when the orchardists turn on the wind machines and the ridges get a fresh dusting of snow. When the sun does come out you can feel the warmth, at least when the wind dies down. Still, it's nippy outside. That's been the case when we sit and watch Lidia's softball games. That's Lidia's friend Lupe huddled up under the blanket.
Lidia's team hasn't won a game yet. Pitching is a weakness. Still, Lidia has been a faithful team member, though she wants to play more than she's getting to. She only had one at bat in a double header on Saturday. She was mad at her coach for that.
Isaiah is now thirteen and enjoying life. He decided to pass on baseball this year and run track and play soccer instead. Here he is trying to keep me from taking his picture as we drove to the game Saturday.
But I got one, of a sort.
Jeremiah is playing baseball. He also saved up allowances and bought a new bike. He's spending a lot of time on it.
That means trips into town to the dirt track in the park, often with Isaiah, and Jeremiah's friends, Juan and Brian. That's a lot of bikes to stack in the back of the van. The truck would easily hold the bikes, but not all those boys.
The dogs are fine, too. The boys are loving having them in the family. Jeremiah is now wanting Rocky to sleep with him in his room, something we haven't quite worked out yet. And the dogs often bring home such interesting stuff.
Here's what they like to do when they aren't terrorizing the neighborhood: stretch out on the dirt and sleep in the sun.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter. I'll write more soon.

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